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Thomas Salzano : Tips Before Visiting Europe For The First Time

Thomas Salzano just loves to travel and is very passionate about traveling to different countries. People follow Thomas Salzano from all across the world.

They look forward to a good piece of advice related to traveling from Thomas Salzano. Thomas Salzano plans his trips in advance visiting different kinds of locations each year.

His travel tips are very valuable and really help the tourists to travel. Many tourists travel to Europe every year and have a wonderful time with friends and family.

Many tourists approached Thomas Salzano for some tips while traveling to Europe. Thomas Salzano himself travels to Europe at least once in Europe and has good experience of traveling the continent.

For the first time travelers, Thomas N Salzano has shared a few tips to have a wonderful journey in Europe.

Here are the tips:-

  • Spend at least 4 nights in Major cities
  • Manage your travel time
  • Take good sleep
  • Always pay in local currency
  • Download apps like google maps and translator etc.
  • Use public transport to visit places.
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