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Thomas N Salzano: World's Greatest Travel Adventures

If you are an adventure lover then you are in the right place. Thomas N Salzano created a list of the world's top adventure destinations.
According to Thomas N Salzano, If you love adventure then these places are the perfect destinations for your next trip.

  • "Angel Falls” waterfall in Venezuela world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall
  • “The Red Centre” is an extraordinary landscape of desert plains, weathered mountain ranges, rocky gorges and some of Aboriginal
  • Italy’s Via Ferrata
  • Rafting and Rock climbing in the Pyrenees
  • Heli-skiing in Iceland
  • Ladakh and Stok Kangri, The Himalayas
  • Australia’s most sacred sites
  • Motorbike Across the Siberian Wilderness
  • Downhill Mountain Biking in the Alps
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