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Thomas N Salzano: What to Pack for Travel

Pack your own home food for next trip. Home food not only save your money but it is more fun. According to travel expert Mr. Thomas Salzano, whether you are traveling in bus, car, by air, or in a train travel food will help you to survive in food craving.

Food Not to Pack For Travel:

  • Avoid milk.
  • Avoid messy food like watermelon.
  • Food that needs to cook.
  • Food that cannot be eaten with the fingers.

Food To Pack For Travel:

  • Bottled water
  • Raw vegetables
  • Sandwiches
  • Rice cakes
  • Hand wipes
  • Kale Chip Popcorn
  • Honey-Tahini Cookies
  • Baked Fava Bean Chips
  • Sweet and Salty Banana Chips
Healthy Foods to Pack When You Travel
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