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Thomas N Salzano: Top 5 Adventure Sports You Should Try in Dubai

· Thomas N Salzano,Thomas Salzano

As we know, Dubai is known for its ultramodern architecture, luxury shopping, and nightlife scene. It is, situated in the eastern part of the Arabian Penisula on the Persian Gulf coast. Thomas N Salzano says if we talk about adventure sports in Dubai, then there are a lot of things which we can enjoy here, like skydiving, dune bashing, and desert safaris. Those people who want to experience these adventurous activities then Dubai is the best place for them. Here you can also enjoy deep sea fishing and mountain biking.

In this post, Mr. Salzano wants to share the top adventure sports in Dubai.

Desert Quad Biking

Thomas N Salzano

Quad biking is one of the best adventurous activities in Dubai. It is a thrilling and adventurous activity to do in Dubai. These bikes are easy to ride, anyone can learn easily that how to ride a Quad bike. This bike is connected by four wide tires and also with a powerful engine that enables you to ride on the sandy surface with ease.


Thomas N Salzano

Skydiving is the top adventurous activity to do in Dubai. In this activity, you will be jumping out of a plane with the help of experts. If you are, experienced then you can go for a solo jump. You will be able to see mindblowing sights of Dubai from a particular hight. You can enjoy the beautiful views of Burj Khalifa and the desert landscape. It is one of the best activities.


Thomas N Salzano

This activity is very popular in Dubai. Those people who love snowboarding they can enjoy here sandboarding. In this activity, you have to slide down on a board with sufficient speed. Sandboarding is one the best activity if you are planning to visit in Dubai then must try this activity.

Deep Sea Fishing

Thomas N Salzano

It is another adventurous activity that you can enjoy in Dubai. This activity is done under the guidance of experts who will take you off the coast of Dubai approximately 20-30 km out and help you catch fishes


Thomas N Salzano

Flyboarding is one of the best sport in Dubai. In this activity, you have to stand on the board and then the engine pumps the water out with a great force that allows you to stand in the air. The board can distribute your weight accordingly.

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