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Thomas J Salzano: Best Chest Exercises for Beginners

· Thomas J Salzano

Thomas J. Salzano is a bodybuilder and fitness coach in the United States. He has more than 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. He has won the various local boxing champion match. He guides the people for everyday workouts in the gym. He also four to five hours workout every day in the gym. In this post, Thomas J. Salzano is going to share the best chest exercises for beginners.

1. Pushup
2. Barbell bench press
3. Flat dumbbell bench press
4. Decline dumbbell flye
5. Cable chest press
6. Incline dumbbell bench press
7. Dumbbell floor press
8. Cable crossover
9. One-arm decline dumbbell bench press

For more information, you can watch the following video.

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