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Thomas Salzano - Tips to Ensure Safety While Traveling

“We all have the ability to reduce the risk and thus prevent it,” says Thomas Salzano, the famous travel blogger. Thomas N Salzano is a frequent traveler and is aware of the reality of risk and safety issues while traveling. He has faced many situations while traveling which made him aware of certain safety precautions to take, which every traveler must know about and practice.

Thomas Salzano has the following tips to share:

  • Note down the important information and numbers before traveling.
  • Go through the State Department Website.
  • Get travel insurance, which is a must.
  • Lock up your valuables.
  • Ask the locals for advice and cross check with someone as they might misguide you.
  • Do register yourself with your Embassy.
  • Stay sober.
  • If you are a regular traveler, learn the basic self-defense moves and tactics.
  • Hide your emergency cash.
  • Avoid using your back pocket.

These are the important tips that Thomas Salzano wanted to share with you all as he knows the importance of safety while traveling. He believes that each travel experience comes with some risk, but being prepared is what one can do best to face any tough situation.

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