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Thomas Salzano : Things You Must Not Forget Before Traveling

When you are looking to travel its important that you do not forget certain things. Thomas J Salzano writes about these things in his latest blog. Here is the list of those key things to remember.

Check You Documents and Vaccination Requirements

Before you go traveling its important that you check all your documents like passport and also keep vaccination requirements in check as could feel sick while traveling adjusting to some other environment.

Get Travel Insurance

You must get a travel insurance as it can be helpful if some unwanted situation occurs. It's also important to keep these documents with you all the time.

Make Copies Of Important Documents

You must keep copies of important documents in case they are lost.
Here are list of those documents:-
Passport (Identification page with photo.)
Travel Insurance
Driver’s License
Credit Cards (front and back.)
Travel Itinerary
Airline Tickets
Reservation Confirmations (hotel, rental car, cruise tickets, etc.)
Vaccination Certificates

Book Accommodation In Advance

If you are looking for travel then must book the rooms in advance and should wait for the last moment . It gives you good oppurtunity to check and book good quality of room. You can read the online reviews and be could reduce the money of parking, cleaning etc.

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