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Thomas Salzano on Staying Safe While Surfing

· Thomas Salzano,Thomas N Salzano

You may be an amateur or a professional surfer, but staying safe should always be the first protocol for any surfer. Thomas Salzano, a professional hairstylist and bloggers shares a few tips on to get maximum thrill while surfing along with playing it safe.

  • Warm up and stretch before entering the water to get your muscles ready for any intense exercise.

  • Make sure your surfing gear is in optimal condition.

  • Keep an eye out on the horizon, wave conditions and wildlife. No one wants to get sucked out into the middle of nowhere.

  • It is good to know where you are planning to surf, just in case you drift away.

  • Keep yourself protected from the sun. Make sure a waterproof sunblock is always handy.

  • No matter what happens, always hold on to your surfboard.

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