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Thomas Salzano How to reduce your business expenses and keep it profitable

· Thomas Salzano,Thomas N Salzano,Thomas J Salzano

A wise entrepreneur always cares about the financial report of his company. Low business expenses and high profits are signs of progressive business growth. Thomas Salzano, a New Jersey-based blogger, hairstylist, traveler, guitarist, and a photographer shares his ideas to reduce your business expenses and keep it profitable.
Here’s what he has to say:

Track your expenses: The very first step to controlling your business expenses is to track them. Carefully check your expenses and gather effective information to evaluate strategies to lower your expenses.


Reconsider the insurance policies and bank accounts: Compare insurance providers and know the competitive rates in the insurance market. Ask your current insurance provider/bank to meet the minimum rate. If possible, you can consolidate bank accounts and insurances.

Avoid paid marketing campaigns: Eliminate traditional marketing costs with modern marketing efforts that are pocket-friendly. Run effective social media campaigns, use e-mail marketing software and referral programs. This will definitely help you to save money and contributes to the progress of healthy business growth.

Reduce your power bill: Save money on electricity by reducing your power bill. Turning off electrical equipment such as computers and tube lights when not in use can help your business to minimize the expenses to a certain limit. Also always try to use energy-efficient electric appliances.

Cut your traveling expenses: To cut off the traveling expenses, only travel when very necessary. Whenever possible, use virtual technology to the maximum extent. Instead of traveling for business meetings, use skype or emails.

Use technology: You can choose technology to keep your business profitable. Try using google docs, hangouts, skype, google analytics, and free version of email marketing software. Also, you can automate the time-consuming systems and use cloud-based services.

Review your business resources: Timely review your all business resources. This will help you to find unnecessary software licenses, subscriptions, phone contracts etc. Also, replace poorly performing resources to increase effective production.

Save taxes: Taxes takes a considerable part of your income. Therefore, save your taxes with charity donations and use optimal tax software for your business.


Its never too late to refine your business plans to keep it profitable. Review and change your expense management strategies with these ideas to reduce your business expenses. Hope these tips from Thomas Salzano, a New Jersey-based blogger, hairstylist, traveler, guitarist, and a photographer will help you to generate a healthy financial report with fewer expenses and more profits.

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