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Thomas Salzano - How to Pack Light for Long Trips

Packing light can seem like a back-breaking challenge if you are the kind of person who finds it difficult to pack the luggage within the weight limit says, Thomas N Salzano. Why pay extra on luggage when the best alternative is to pack smart.

This means to take only those stuff with you that you cannot buy in the city or country you are traveling to. This means if you can pay extra on your luggage then definitely you can buy the same stuff later.

When you have to pack for a long trip everything that you have packed will seem important and useful. The best way to sort this issue is by leaving behind the things that you can easily buy later.

So the trick is to travel with a carry-on bag, smartly use the extra space available in the bag, be selective about your footwear, and remember it is better to invest money in buying new things rather than paying at the airport for the overweight luggage.

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