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Thomas Salzano - Grace Up Your Photo Bucketlist

"The life of a photographer is incomplete without a photo bucket list," says Thomas Salzano, a renowned photographer, and a motivational speaker. He further adds that a photo bucket list motivates an artist to work hard to complete the list.

Also, Thomas Salzano believes that a great shutterbug is a great traveler who happily explores the world to capture the best of it. Therefore, he shares a checklist that will definitely excite a snapshooter.

Here's what Thomas Salzano has suggessted to grace up your photo bucket list:

1. The volcanic eruptions in Hawaii: You can either shoot the ever-changing lava by hiking or flying in the helicopter
2. Capture the thunderstorm: The monsoon season is the perfect season to take the unusual shots of the storm.
3. Grabbing the Aurora Borealis views: Snapshot the heavenly scenes on earth, travel to regions in the Arctic circle and see the sky dance in natural lights.
4. One for your love for your idol: Each one of us has a role model in the photography industry. Try your best to contact your admiration and capture his working.

Thomas Salzano claims that this is the majestic photo buck list that would add adventure and exposure in a photographer's life.

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