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Thomas N Salzano​: Top 5 Things a Business Owner Should Never Share with Employees

As a Salon Owner, Thomas Salzano, a New Jersey-based expert hairstylist, go through good days, not so good days and very bad days. The same goes for his staff too, the only difference is that the staff can say it, but Salzano can’t. This may make you start wondering why.

There are many things that a business owner has on his mind, and many of them can’t be shared with the employees at all. Here are the top 5 picks that Salzano chose for this list.

Who’s Your Favorite Employee:

The truth is that every organization, company, and the studio has at least one employee who is known for consistently amazing performance. But you don’t need to be all praises about him/her, doing so will only lead to one place: jealousy and groups. Nobody wants that.

Your Plans to Let Someone Go:

Unless the person you talk to about firing someone is their manager or supervisor, there’s no point in discussing your plans. Although it’s a no-brainer, there have been instances when the employer spilled the beans, leading to a panic situation on the work floor. The reason, a thought called, “Who’s next?”

Your Political Opinions:

You are running a business and not an electoral campaign. Different people have different political opinions, never shove you're down someone’s throat. Not cool.

Inappropriate Jokes:

The latest #MeToo has, unfortunately, become a joke for many. But inappropriate jokes revolving around racism, sex, cultures, and sexism have been around for a long time. Not everyone shares your sense of humor. Refrain from such humor, you may unintentionally hurt someone, and you never know how that may come back to you.

Business Issues:

Sounds trivial, right? Salzano believes sharing your concerns and worries with employees may bring their morale down. They see you as their leader, someone they can depend on for motivation. When the leader is scared, very few can actually act as a support, most of the people go bonkers.

Thomas Salzano wraps up saying that interacting with your employees and keeping them motivated is absolutely crucial for a good work environment. Salzano is all ears for more suggestions.

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