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Thomas N Salzano: Tips For First Time International Travelers

· Thomas N Salzano,Thomas Salzano

"Traveling beyond boundaries is an achievement for any traveler," says Thomas N Salzano, a backpacker, and a travel blogger. The young explorer enjoys the pride of exploring almost half of the planet. Therefore, to guide the travelers who are all set to travel first time internationally, Thomas N Salzano shares a number of tips.

Thomas N Salzano

Here's what he has to say:

1. Do proper research before choosing a destination like the best time to travel and famous sightseeing places.

2. The other thing that you must carry along with you is a guidebook.

3. Always carry a power bank along with you to charge your mobile device while traveling.

4. In the case of traveling alone, you must share your location with your friend or a family member.

5. Lookup for options to exchange currency way before you fly.

6. You must not forget to carry your passport and remember your flight number.

These tips by Thomas N Salzano are helpful for first-time travelers who are excited to explore foreign land.

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