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Thomas N Salzano Discusses Long Exposure Shots

Long exposure gives the final pictures their signature high definition. Hairstylist and traveler Thomas N Salzano discovered his love for photography because of long exposure shots.

Capturing long exposure shots is a 9-step process:

1. Analyze the weather.

2. Take a tour of the location well in advance, know your spot.

3. Fix your tripod and mount your camera on it with remote shutter release.

4. Compose the image and lock focus.

5. Set the exposure to f/8 to f/11 and take a test shot.

6. Add Neutral Density filter.

7. Switch to Bulb mode without changing ISO and aperture.

8. Take the long exposure shot.

9. Check the histogram again to match it with the test shot. If it’s close to the test shot, the final

shot is good. If not, adjust shutter speed.

For more photography, hairstyling and traveling tips, follow Thomas N Salzano blogs and get inspired.

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