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Thomas J Salzano: Why Every Traveler Should Carry a Swiss Knife

Swiss Knife is a multi-tool device that needs no introduction. It’s a brand that got popular because of its

functionality. Hairstylist and traveler Thomas J Salzano talks about how a Swiss Army Knife saves the day

for a traveler.

1. The can opener also works as a 3-mm flat screwdriver.

2. Bottle opener also works as a 6-mm screwdriver.

3. Bought a new belt and need to punch a new hole? Use the punch right next to the corkscrew.

4. The toothpick compartment can also be sued to put an additional metal needle, really useful as

a compass while exploring the wild.

Thomas J Salzano says any tool that you carry while traveling must solve a purpose, otherwise it’s just

adding on to your luggage weight. Functionality over design, he insists.

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