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Quick Hair Mask for Frizzy Hair: Thomas J Salzano

· Thomas Salzano

Frizzy hair is common problem. Hair expert Thomas J Salzano suggests an easy hair mask made from all natural ingredients to keep the frizz in control.

All you need to make this mask are the following ingredients:

A ripe banana- repairs and nourishes. Just one will do.

Milk- natural moisturizer. Enough to make a paste.

Cocoa powder- moisturizer and color deepening agent.

Mash the whole banana in a bowl and make fine pulp. Add enough milk to make a smooth paste and add cocoa powder. Apply this mask on your hair; leave it for half an hour and wash with a gentle shampoo. Let your hair air dry.

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Thomas J Salzano, a New Jersey based hairstylist recommends applying this paste once a week.

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