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Mountain Driving Tips You Must Know

· Thomas Salzano,Thomas N Salzano,Thomas J Salzano

Every mountain top is within the reach if you just keep driving. With marvelous ranges and beautiful landscapes that surround them, driving in the mountains can both be rewarding and educating. Thomas Salzano, an avid mountain-goer, photographer, hairstylist, and blogger has listed some tested tips that will make your mountain ride more enjoyable and safer.

Thomas Salzano, Thomas N Salzano, Thomas J. Salzano

Let others pass (keep right)
No matter where are you driving, one thing you should always do is to be courteous to other drivers with whom you are sharing the road. Whenever someone tries to overtake your vehicle, give them proper space. Mountain roads are narrower and winding than normal ones so “stay right” rule should be strictly followed.

Don’t drive in the center
Some so-called intelligent drivers have the habit of driving in the center of the lane. Other drivers who are driving on the same or opposite direction face trouble in crossing you, which can also lead to accidents.

Slowing down for a scenic view or any other reason
While driving in the mountains, outside views attract your attention and it’s obvious to enjoy them by slowing down or pulling your car off the road. But make sure that you are using hazard lights or blinkers that can prove as a directional message to other drivers.

Be prepared for everything
Driving in the mountains is full of excitement and fun. Be sure to bring extra of everything; extra water, extra food, and an extra blanket.

Also, pack other important things such as flashlights, the first aid kit and a toolbox.

Mountain driving is an experience you should have more often than not. With these tips, you will definitely have a safe and enjoyable journey. This is Thomas Salzano a traveler, photographer, hairstylist and bloggers signing off for now and wishing you a happy journey for all your future travel plans.

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