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Is Technology making us lazy or exposing our laziness?

Technology has completely changed or revolutionized our daily life. Nowadays, machines govern us as we are becoming more and more dependent on them. We aren’t as physically and mentally active as we used to be. But, is technology really making us lazy or is it just exposing our laziness? Thomas Salzano, a New Jersey-based photographer, hairstylist, guitarist, and a blogger shares his thoughts on the relationship between technology and human laziness. Here’s what he has to say:

We are wired to be lazy

Citing a small study published in the journal Current Biology, Salzano states that our body naturally chooses the most economical way possible while doing a physical task. Because of the study, scientists came to know that when we do choose to move, our body which is under our mind’s control naturally follows the easiest way to do so.

Study co-author Max Donelan, who is a professor of biomedical physiology and kinesiology at Simon Fraser University in Canada, said, “The nervous system is capable of doing energy optimization and does it below the level of your conscious awareness to a very fine degree.”

Our ancestors were also lazy

A Harvard professor, Daniel Lieberman who is an expert in human evolutionary biology has written an interesting piece regarding human laziness.

According to Lieberman, Hunters who were living in the Amazons and Kalahari (our ancestors) were just as likely as 21st century Americans to avoid unnecessary actions.

“Couch Potato Gene” makes some people way lazier than others

Scientists created two categories of mice (the normal one and those who had a mutation in a gene called SLC35D3). They found that mice with this gene mutation were couch potatoes as they walked only about a third as much as a normal mice.

Mice with couch potato mutation became fat and developed symptoms similar to a condition in people called “metabolic syndrome”.

Co-author of this study said: “Although only about one in 200 people may have these 'rare' mutations, there are a very large number of people worldwide that have metabolic syndrome.”


Using more technology in daily life does not make us lazy. We are learning new and exciting things at the touch of a button. With the help of technology, we are able to see the world with a whole new different perspective. Just take a look at how technology has helped many people stay fit.

I’d like to conclude by saying that technology favors the active, and a lazy person now has a new scapegoat, technology. It’s just who you are and what you do with technology.

This is Thomas n Salzano, a New Jersey-based hairstylist, photographer, guitarist, and a blogger signing off for now.

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