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6 Hair Trends To Watch Out for This Summers

Shared by Thomas N Salzano

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Indeed summers are all about sun, fun, pools and something we all look forward to. You may be looking forward to a holiday in the Mediterranean or just having a ladies day out with your friends; but haven’t really thought about how to wear your hair.

We consulted top hairstylist Thomas N Salzano to help us come up with a list of trends that you need to keep an eye out for in 2018. He actively helps his readers with some great hair advice and tips. Thomas is also well known for providing over the top services to all his customers.

With summers and vacations just around the corner, spruce up your style with these tips and let your hair have fun along the way!

1. Super high ponytails for bad hair days

Don’t hide your hair in a hat or throw it in a messy bun. Instead try using a fine comb with a little hairspray and make up a high ponytail. This look is fierce, practical and chic as it keeps any hair out your face and way. This old cheerleader hairstyle is back and trending this year. We can often see fashion model Bella Hadid and many others like Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lopez sporting a high ponytail once in a while.

2. Head scarves

Fashion blogger, Julia Engel has bought back scarves into fashion for good. Not only do they give you a vintage Parisian look but also protect your hair from the harmful UV rays outside. Make sure you stock up on some lovely summer silk prints and pair them with oversized sunnies to gear up on the chicness. Another styling tip to all the ladies by the Queen of England.

3. Barrettes

When was the last time you thought about hair accessories?

Get ready to flaunt your pearly and flowery barrettes as they are back into fashion. French twists adorned with glittering barrettes take us back to the Geisha tradition where wearing several Kanzashi ornaments was indicative of a high social status. Versace took these basic looking rectangular clips to a new level on its 2018 Spring runway in Milan this year.

4. Welcome the honey blondes

Find your color inspiration; feel fresh and fabulous with endless possibilities in the blonde spectrum. We saw the trend of peroxide and platinum blonde hair last year but this year, Blake Lively and Jennifer Aniston are leading with this hair color and rocking at it too. This look is natural looking for blondes and is super flattering so you don’t really have a reason to change it.

5. Rock with a slicked back wet look

New York based fashion designer Prabal Gurung sported his models with this sporty yet mysterious look for his 2018 Spring show. Work up with a sufficient dollop of styling gel starting from the roots towards your hair tips. Get groovy with this ‘just got out of a pool look’ this summer. Well, it’s just not Kim Kardashian who can rock it after all!

6. Season of the fringe bob

This low key style is trending again, but with a twist. If you can’t decide whether to go for long beach waves or an effortless modern sleek bob, give the fringe bob a try. We recently saw Nina Dobrev and Selena Gomez try this out and just can’t get enough of it. Get started with a sea salt spray for this beachy look while you effortlessly flaunt your bangs.

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